Previously… in Professional Development

An archival post for my own reference. Read the title in the voice of the “Lost” narrator.

Below are the links to presentations I’ve given before setting up this blog…

 PD Session  Tags Date Updated
Instructional Technology (Michael Wood) edtech, tutorials Ongoing
Collaborative Group Work (Early Release) CIF, Collaboration, Kahoot, Padlet, QR Codes, Tea Party, Jigsaw, 5E Model 2014-09-05
5E Model (Michael Wood) 5E, PBL, edtech 2014-08-08
TLC Year 1 Day 2 Early Release paper slide videos, stations-based lessons, Google Docs 2013-10-21
e-Folios for Education e-Folio, reflection, common core, google sites 2013-08-05
AP Biology Curriculum Update APBio, CollegeBoard, one day 2012-10-31

Collaborative Group Work – Individual Assessment

Group Work Website ScreenshotThis is a link to a website I co-created to aid in the delivery of an Early Release professional development session on the components of collaborative group assignments with a focus on individual assessment (my colleagues expressed in the previous session that they anticipated individual responsibility for the material as the biggest challenge with collaboration).

In addition to the website, I created a four-part YouTube playlist of videos that aid in creating a multiple-choice quiz using Google Forms to be graded using the Flubaroo Add-on. These videos can be found on my YouTube Channel, and on the “Step 3” page of the website indicated above.