Atomic Structure Lesson Plan

Atomic Structure Lesson Plan (click for full document)

The student will be able to:

  • read a periodic table and determine mass and atomic number and charge of ions formed
  • calculate percent abundance and average atomic mass
  • determine and illustrate the number and location of subatomic particles given an atom in isotopic notation
  • determine the number of subatomic particles in neutral atoms (including isotopes), and ions, given various data

General Lesson Outline

  • (5 min)   WARM UP:Fill in table and flow chart at bottom of guided notes
  • (10 min) go over “inside the atom” WS (HW from previous lesson)
  • (10 min) Beanium Lab demo: Calculating average atomic mass
  • (20 min) Build an atom activity
  • (15 min) Finish atomic structure.ppt (ions)
  • (10 min) color code periodic table families and discuss charges formed by ions
  • (20 min) What is an Atom? Packet (independent practice, finish for HW)